Treating Service

Treating Services

  • Rapid turn around times for your time sensitive projects.
  • The Same quality of treatment you will find in our own Timber and Poles.
  • Third Party Inspections are Welcome
  • Certificates of Treatment are available upon request.
  • Competitive Pricing

Marine treatment
CCA-C 2.5
AWPA C3, C9, C14, & C18
International Forest Products
Houston TX. YR. 2009

Sawn Timbers, Poles, Salt Splash, & PWF
CCA-C .60
AWPA C24, C4, C16, C18, & C22
YR. 2009

Plywood, Round Posts, ETC.
CCA-C .40
UC4A, 4B, & 4C
AWPA C9, C14, C16, C25, C28, C33, C34
YR. 2009